RE: Windows XP Security Update Not Showing Up

From: Frances (
Date: 07/19/05

Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 14:57:03 -0700

Hi, just a quick note to say I figured out the problem and all is well.
Actually it turned out to be a PICNIC (Problem In Chair Not In Computer) ...
feel like an idiot, but I finally figured out what was going on. Thanks
everyone and sorry to have bothered you all.

"Frances" wrote:

> When I click on the area to install the latest security update for Microsoft
> XP to patch the latest flaw, my computer tells me that all updates are
> installed. However, the last dated installed update is a fix from June in my
> history of updates section.
> Is the new security patch not currently available for download, even though
> the site says it is? Anyone else having this problem? I have SP2 installed,
> which the patch is supposed to be for.
> Thanks for any help.