Re: Problem windows XP SP2 firewall FTP

From: sfn (
Date: 07/16/05

Date: 16 Jul 2005 01:25:14 -0700

> Hmm... Okay, so what happens if you try to get in via IE? Can you log on
> with IE at all? What client is this that you're using? I see that it is in
> PASV mode. It happens with PASV disabled as well?
> Galen

I'll try this next week (via IE and logging).
With PASV mode it happens also, as I could remember.
I got the sources of the client. It is written with the MFC C++ Classes
Microsoft and uses CInternetSession base class for the FTP Session.

I'd even compiled the sources against the latest version of the MFC
(7.0) ,
thinking that due the origin version of the sources (which where
under MFC Version 6.0) would be too old for XP SP2 with firewall.
But nothing changed.

In fact, all others ftp-client I tested do their work under XP SP2
(the FW prompts when ftp access is made and then I press "allow")

When I use this client (and I have to, cause it's is part of an whole
the microsoft firewall neither prompts me for ftp-access!
It's like You see in the log!

Using XP SP2 with another firewall (not the MS one), this ftp-client
runs as well.

So I think it has to do with the FW from MS.