Re: Programs don't appear under user account

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Date: 07/15/05

Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 05:13:02 -0700

Thanks again for your helpful input Galen,God bless

"Galen" wrote:

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> My reply is at the bottom of your sent message:
> > Thanks for your suggestion Galen. Will look into.
> > The issue I wonder may be that I created the user account for testing
> > purposes after my apps were already installed. How does that affect
> > things? Thanks, God bless
> > Van
> An application installed prior to that with the appropriate settings (one
> that says install for all users if that's what you wanted) would have put
> the shortcut into the all users section of the documents and settings folder
> and thus would be available. Some application are, to be honest and
> opinionated, poorly designed in that they don't allow the option to install
> for all users. Worse still (and you'll eventually run into this perhaps)
> you'll find applications that should run as a limited user account that will
> only run with admin rights. Those are the ones that will make you tear your
> hair out by the roots. While you're in the process of learning this
> particular aspect of accounts it would be, in my opinion, a good time to
> make sure that you're also familiar with the "run as" right click options.
> Galen
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