Re: How can I get access to files and folders on my portable drive on other computers?

From: Roger Abell (
Date: 07/14/05

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 18:17:57 -0700

I am obviously not into the politics of why you want to keep info
secured from your larger environment (net admins).
Your problem seems to be that you need the info transportable
between too many systems that are in different domains and/or
workgroups to make it simple to set up.
We did not address using EFS in addition to NTFS security,
and but for your mention of an XP Home system could have.

I can understand both how one's business model would benefit
from having a well-respected, and motivated, member providing
the computing infrastructure needs.
I can also understand how a small group with some shared office
capabilities would be content with an easily replaced support
person. However, in that case one should have someone that
does watch out for the over-all well-being of the organization
with regards to its computing infrastructure.

>From all you have said about the reasons for seeking to secure
info in this way, it does sound to me that you would be better
off not having any domain structure (in which the net admin
can roam about).

Roger Abell
Microsoft MVP (Windows  Security)
"Dmitry Kopnichev" <kopn@hotbox.ruDELETE> wrote in message
> Why do you think the data isn't supposed to be on my computer? Our Admin
> just keeps the network working, they are not supposed to see all the
> commercial data that other specialists possess.
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> > Dmitry Kopnichev <kopn@hotbox.ruDELETE> typed:
> >> Hello
> >> How can I get access to my files and folders on my portable drive on
> >> other computers? I do not want to give access to a Windows XP group
> >> because I don't want
> >> Administrators of our domain have direct access to my files on the
> >> drive. They will not take ownership because I will see the taking. I
> >> want to get access by a password.
> >
> > Roger's reply re NTFS is correct. However, if you're trying to bypass
> > network admins, and you are not officially one yourself, I can't help
> > If the data isn't supposed to be on your computer/on the network, don't
> > it.
> >