Re: XP Passwords/Logon Issue

From: CeNo (
Date: 07/13/05

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 13:57:00 GMT

"CeNo" <> wrote in message
> All,
> Running XP Pro SP2, with all updates.
> Have five users on PC. Do not use ctrl+alt+del to log on.
> Recently, we went to log on, and the computer kept saying that we had
> forgot our password, retry...
> this has eventually happened to all the accounts including the Admin
> account. I know the passwords are correct, it just wont let me log on...
> I remember last year that there was something on the microsoft site to
> download to help resolve this issue...

Just to update,

I am able to log in as myself as an admin user...all the other accounts when
I click on their username and enter their password it starts to load their
settings then returns to the welcome screen. And then I find that I cant
log in too!
I then use a bootable cdrom to help me reset my password (which I never
forgot anyway!), I then log in to XP, and find that the other accounts have
disappeared from the welcome screen/users applet in control panel.

Any help???