Re: Accessing documents under old user accounts

From: Jupiter Jones [MVP] (
Date: 07/13/05

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 00:18:37 -0600

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Jupiter Jones  [MVP]
"pking" <> wrote in message
> Recently my computer was infected by a worm that ate up my system 
> resources.
> I was not able to restore the system back to a previous state, nor was I 
> able
> to back-up my documents, so I was forced to reinstall Windows XP 
> Professional
> version 2002 and all of my other applications.  A new Active Directory was
> created, giving me new user accounts, even though I used the same user 
> names
> that had been created under the old installation.  Under one of the old 
> user
> accounts, I had a folder that was password protected, and it contained
> several important documents.  Since the new Active Directory does not
> recognize that old user folder, I can not gain access to the folder to
> retrieve the files, even when logged on as the administrator.  I get an 
> error
> message that reads:
> "C:\Documents and Settings\P\My Documents\P is not accessible.  Access is
> denied."
> Is there any way to unlock that folder so that I can access my documents?