Re: scvhost.exe

From: Jupiter Jones [MVP] (
Date: 07/13/05

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 22:16:46 -0600

Thank you for the correction David.
Your more correct information may be helpful to the OP especially if the
spelling used by the OP meant the usually normal version.

Jupiter Jones  [MVP]
"David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote in message news:%> 
> The statemnt "svchost.exe is good and normal" is only partially true.
> The fact is there are *many* forms of malware that use that name.  When 
> one sees SVCHOST.EXE
> on a Win9x/ME PC it is guaranteed to be malware.  If SVCHOST.EXE is found 
> on a NT based OS
> in other than
> %windir%\system32\svchost.exe (and the usual OS CACHE/ServicePack folders) 
> it is most likley
> an infector.
> For example, if SVCHOST.EXE is found in %windir%, it could be 
> 'W32/Opanki.worm'-
> Or if SVCHOST.EXE is found in c:\, it could be 'W32/CodeBlue.worm' -
> -- 
> Dave

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