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Date: 07/10/05

Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 02:39:06 -0400

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> I have a general question. When you install windows components, I know
> you have to be sure you have everthing you want is checked, otherwise
> it uninstall them. I find that very strange.
> I am trying to install IIS on an XP Pro machine. And I notice that
> most of the time, the windows components installation window just
> hangs. Does
> any one have any idea why ? This is a brand new laptop.

What are the generic system stats? (RAM? CPU?) What security software (or
really any heavy resource usage software) do you have running at the time?
It does take a moment or three for the Windows Components to be added even
on a beefed up system but it doesn't "hang" on any of the PCs here. My guess
would be that the trouble lies in one of those mentioned above. I'm not 100%
certain if you can add Windows components while in safe mode but if you find
that you can't do it in regular mode you can try in there. I can't say as
I've ever tried. Yes, you do need to have them checked or they'll be
uninstalled. Don't ask me why, it's been like that for a while now if I
recall correctly.

When you're attempting to add IIS are you customizing it at all?

Not that this means that I know the reason or the answer but rather I'm
mostly trying to get you the best place to start troubleshooting or to give
more information so that someone who's encountered the same IIS issues can
help you out with your problem.


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