Re: Home Edition Product Key

From: Bruce Chambers (bchambers_at_cable0ne.n3t)
Date: 07/03/05

Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 09:08:56 -0600

MJL wrote:
> - Purchased a PC with XP Home Edition Version 2002 installed from a local
> computer store.
> - I have the Original Microsoft CD but have managed to loose the sticker
> with the product key. I put it somewhere that is so secure that not even I
> can locate it.
> - Now I need to reformatt/rebuild my hard drive and require the product key
> to be able to reinstall WIndows XP.
> - I have searched the internet and all I was able to find was the "Magical
> Jellybean Keyfinder" which would have given me the key if I was able to boot
> my pc but it has been formatted and is empty.
> - I searched on the Microsoft Support site and can only email them if I
> enter the PID number which of course I am without as my PC is down.
> -I am writing this from a friend's PC with the hope that there is someone
> out there that can help me. TO me this seems so absurd.... purchased a new PC
> & sitting here with the original MS-windows-XP in my hand and am unable to
> use it.
> - the label of this Windows XP HOme Edition CD is:X1AHOEM_EN
> -I would greatly appreciate if someone can please assist me.
> Many Thanks,
> Martin J. Lutterman

     The Windows 25-character Product Key (required to perform the
installation) is stored on the CD packaging on a bright orange sticker
that says "Do not lose this number." It is not on the installation CD
in any way, shape, or form. If it was an OEM (factory installed)
license, it's stored on a label that the PC manufacturer affixed to
the exterior of the PC case, or on the bottom of a laptop.

   To recover a lost Product Key:

     If your system still runs, you should be able to use Belarc
Advisor from to find the
Product Key. (If you have a factory-installed OEM license, and
haven't since reinstalled the OS, the revealed Product Key is probably
of the drive image used at the factory and not your specific Product
Key; therefore, it probably cannot be -- and definitely should not
be -- used for a re-installation.)

     If it was a retail license and you have proof of purchase:

How to Replace Lost, Broken, or Missing Microsoft Software or Hardware;en-us;326246

     If it was an OEM license, you should contact the computer's
manufacturer; although very few manufacturers/vendors keep records of
the Product Keys they've sold, it's worth a try before you have to buy
a new license.

Bruce Chambers
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