Re: FIX: EventSystem 4609 errors after installing XP SP2

From: barrow_52 (
Date: 07/02/05

Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 12:55:50 +0000

Christopher Hill Wrote:
> Hi,
> Did you try the fix I mentioned in my second post? See the following
> site:
> --
Well actually I hadn't at the time of my last posting. In the meantime
I got so frustrated that I reformated the disk and did a complete new
installation of XP. Sort of hoped that might solve the problem, but no,
the error message was still in the Event Log, every time I booted
Windows, and it didn't take long before it crashed, just as before. So
I tried this other fix you pointed out, but that didn't exactly go as
planned, because when I go to the Remote Procedure Call page, the
option to set the log on to Local System account is grey and cannot be
changed. On the RPC Locator window, it -is- possible to make this
change, and I did so, but it didn't solve the problem.

Anyway, in the mean time I have noticed that the error message I get is
not -exactly- the same as in your original posting. The difference is
that mine says "HRESULT was C0000005 from line 44.....", not 80070005.

So maybe I have been barking up the wrong tree? When I googled for this
particular wording, I got a couple of hits, one of which is fairly
unhelpful, but the other is This appears
to be indicating that the problem may be a -hardware- fault, and nothing
to do with Windows. This is extremely upsetting, since I had come to the
conclusion that if this was a Windows problem, I could at least take it
to the local store where I bought the Windows licence. However, if it
may be a hardware problem I don't know -what- to do. The computer was
bought by mail order, so I guess I have to get on the supplier and
arrange to have it shipped back. I bought a 2 year extended warranty,
so I guess that is OK, but it's a lot of hassle, especially if it turns
out that the problem -is- the Windows installation....



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