Re: Symantec AV 10 CE issue...

From: tophre (
Date: 06/22/05

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 16:30:55 -0700

I haven't run across that one yet but I know there is a setting that will
allow you to disable scanning floppies (probably not the best method). I'm
having a problem with v 10 and deploying across subnets. I talked with
Symantec and they are stumped, maybe someone else has an idea. On the local
subnet all clients install fine, trying to push to remote subnets they fail.
All group policies are identical. Anyone have a clue?

"PaulM" <> wrote in message
>I just upgraded our 60 node network of win 2k and XP to Symantec 10 from a
> mix of 8 and 9. I have about 40 or so computers upgraded and 5 (including
> my
> own) are giving me a small problem. When the SAV CE 10 client is
> installed
> on the computer the process winmgmt.exe does a seek to the floppy drive
> around every 45 seconds or so. It also turns the cusor into an hourglass
> on
> slower machines. Uninstalling the SAV fixes the problem, but I cannot
> re-install a managed version 9 client to my 10 server.
> We have gold support and I have a ticket into them. They know of the
> problem, at least 1 other customer reported it, but no fix yet.
> Anyone else having this issue and have a fix for it?
> Thanks for any help.
> Paul.