Re: XPSP2 firewall not the Windows default how do i reset?

From: Loki-uk (
Date: 06/12/05

Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 11:40:03 -0700

The NPF is part of NIS the only way I can uninstall it is to remove NIS which
removes NAV and Anti-Spam which I want to keep there is no separate
unistaller otherwise I would have and as I said disabling it just causes lots
of problems. I'll try Zone Alarm thanks for the tip (would of liked to have
got to the bottom of it tho)


"Uncle John" wrote:

> "Loki-uk"
> What an epic! If you don't ant to sue the Symantec Firewall, uninstall it.
> You can still run NAV.
> If you want a good firewall and antivirus package use ZoneAlarm Security
> Suite. --
> Uncle John