Re: Problems decrypting my files.

From: Jupiter Jones [MVP] (
Date: 06/11/05

Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 13:06:15 -0600

You can not create a Recovery Agent after the fact and expect it to work.
Without the original keys, your data is as good as gone.

See the links near the bottom of this page for ways to help prevent this in
the future:

Jupiter Jones  [MVP]
"Waddaw" <> wrote in message
> Hey,
>    I had a bunch of my files encrypted on my computer. I then without
> thinking reinstalled windows, same version mind you, and didn't backup my
> certificates. Now I'm in a situation where I can't decrypt my files and 
> can't
> figure out how to give myself the rights without my previous account, 
> which
> doesn't exist anymore.
>    I've created a Recovery Agent and made sure it's trusted, but it's
> useless beings how I created it AFTER the files were encrypted and the
> account that created them was deleted.
> Please don't tell me I've permanently lost my files.
> Thanks.