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Date: 06/11/05

Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 20:38:31 -0400

"WhiteZin2000" <> wrote in message news:3EPne.74281$
> Here is the article for changing the listening port. perhaps this will
> help...
>;en-us;306759 Other than
> that, double-check settings in firewall (naturally). Try connecting to each
> PC independently using a single rule in the firewall to test with. I am able to connect to the first computer (3389) though...
> Cheers!
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> It's not working....
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>> If you have multiple PC's you want to connect to via Remote Desktop you
>> have
>> to change the TCP port remote Desktop listens for each additional PC.
>> Then,
>> you'll have to create rules in your firewall that coincide to the TCP port
>> each PC is listening on. When you connect from the Public internet you'll
>> include the TCP port in your Remtoe Desktop connection. For example,
>> suppose
>> your WAN IP is and you have two PC's to Remote Desktop into
>> (PC
>> "A" and PC "B"). On PC "A" you leave the default listening port of 3389
>> but
>> for PC "B" you change the port to 3390. When you connect via Remote
>> Desktop
>> from the Internet, your destination for PC "A" would be '' but
>> your destination for PC "B" would be ''. Of course, you'll
>> have to 1) make sure you have firewall rules which correspond to the
>> correct
>> PC and 2) make sure you are using DHCP reservations so the internal PC's
>> always get the same IP address (or manually configure IP info on the
>> target
>> PC's).
>> Cheers!
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>>> And this will connect me to the specific PC on the LAN??
>>> If so, what if I have more then one PCs on the LAN with Remote
>>> Desktop...?!
>>> Thanks.