Re: Help! Cannot login to router...

From: Matt Gibson (
Date: 06/09/05

Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 13:46:04 -0700

This has nothing to do with windows.

Contact the company that makes the router if you're still having trouble.

Matt Gibson - GSEC

"volleygod67" <> wrote in message
> Thanks, but I've tried all of that and it still will not let me login.
> It's
> not the router, but rather windows that isn't happy with my username and
> password. Even after changing them, it still will not let me in.
> "Malke" wrote:
>> volleygod67 wrote:
>> > Can someone please tell me why I cannot login to reconfigure my router
>> > settings. I go to in my browser, and it gives me a little
>> > pop up screen to enter my user name and password. I do so, but it will
>> > still not allow access. I have changed my username, and password, to
>> > make sure, but it will not accept the new logins either. What am I
>> > doing wrong? Thanks so much.
>> You are not entering in the correct user name and/or password. Perhaps
>> your caps lock is on. Look at the manual that came with your router to
>> find how to reset it to factory defaults and do so. Then you will be
>> able to log in with whatever the factory defaults are.
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