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Date: 06/08/05

Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 19:05:02 -0400

Thanks for the url that compares the AVs.

Can one assume the free versions have the same effectiveness as the paid

Jeff Stevens
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Galen wrote:
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> Jeff <> had this to say:
> My reply is at the bottom of your sent message:
>> I've used the free version of AVG for years.  Nowadays AVAST seems to
>> have become the favorite AV.  Is it worth switching to AVAST or is
>> the protection essentially equivalent to that afforded by AVG?
>> Can they be used together?
> Which is best for you? Check here:
> Together? Yes and no. You probably CAN but I'd not recommend it. Too
> many chances for conflicts or false positives or even files being in
> use and locked and not getting scanned accurately. The resource usage
> isn't justified. What you can do is have one as a backup but have it
> disabled from running in real-time mode or starting on boot. Then
> when ever you have doubts you can scan with the alternate program
> after updating it. However, if you can't trust your AV what can you
> trust?
> My recommended solution? No I make no money from my recommendations
> but if you can afford it buy KAV and be done with the worries.
> Galen