Re: Do I need Norton?

From: Derek Sowa (
Date: 06/07/05

Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 20:20:09 -0400

> You will have a hard time finding a
>> tech (including me) who will recommend Norton products any more.

Reasons being? Please explain...

Malke wrote:
> figaro wrote:
>>I will soon be getting a computer and for the first time have XP home.
>>Been using ME. I have always had Norton Utilities and Antivirus. I
>>mostly used utilities to defrag, scan disc etc. Looking at the XP web
>>site it looks like there are plenty of maintenance tools that come
>>with it so I wonder if the Norton utilities are worth it. I do like
>>having the Anti-virus that warns me when one is coming in the email.
>>Does XP have a feature that will do this and update virus definitions
>>each day? Any program better and if so why? What about the firewall
>>that you can get with service pack 2. Is that all I need?
> You do not need the Utilities (SystemWorks) type of program on XP. You
> must have an antivirus program. You will have a hard time finding a
> tech (including me) who will recommend Norton products any more. I use
> F-Prot on my Windows machines, but there are many other antivirus
> programs. Another popular one is EZ-Trust by Computer Associates. Your
> new computer may very well come with a trial version of either Norton
> or McAfee. You can use that for a while and see if like it. Or download
> a trial version from some other company.
> The Windows XP Firewall is OK. It does not do outbound filtering and is
> very good for users who don't want to be questioned by their firewall
> as to whether some program is allowed to access the Internet. If you
> are a more sophisticated user, then both ZoneAlarm and Sygate have good
> firewalls that are free for personal use. Only you know what kind of
> user you are. If you go for a third-party firewall, make sure you
> disable the Windows Firewall.
> In any case, do not connect a Windows machine to the Internet without a
> firewall and antivirus in place.
> Malke