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Date: 06/05/05

Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2005 08:19:02 -0700

Mike Fields wrote:

> OK, I have been doing lots of googling and still have
> not found the answer. OS is XP PRO on the house
> machines (workgroup) behind a router. I want to be
> able to telnet into one from my main machine, however
> most of the information I have found says not to have
> the telnet server enabled. I have not been able to figure
> out if there is a way to set up the groups/protection so
> that the machine will only accept a telnet connection from
> me on my machine to the other one ... is there a way to
> specify machine\user instead of just user in a group ??
> I have found a number of references and MS KB articles
> on creating/using the TelnetClients group (and the side
> effects of that), but I still have not figured out if I can limit
> it to one user on one machine that has access via telnet
> to the other machine. Can you specify machine\user
> for a group member in a workgroup environment ??
> I guess one option that would make it a bit safer would be
> to also use a different port for the telnet (since it does not
> have to go through the router, that should be OK). My
> LAN is reasonably (LOL) secure - the usual AV, spybot etc ...
> counteracted by a 15 year old male ... sigh. Busy tightening
> the protections (and having serious talks with him about
> consequences).

I think the main issue to settle is why do you want to do this and what
sort of data will be transmitted. If you only want to do this once in a
while I could see using Telnet (actually, I would never use Telnet for
anything); however, if you want to routinely transfer data that you
wouldn't want others to sniff then set up a VPN instead. Or use the
Windows version of ssh which I believe is PuTTy.


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