Re: Set Folder permissions for whole drive

From: SKS (
Date: 05/23/05

Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 07:50:10 -0700

Thanks a lot for pointing that out! I did not even realize the setting panel
was right there even though I went into it to reset the ownership!

I really appreciate your response. It has considerably eased what would
otherwise be a pretty time-consuming task.

Regards and thanks again.


"Juan" <> wrote in message
> Just check in Security\Permissions\where it reads "Replace permission
> entries in all secondary objects with those included here etc........... "
> The permissions you set on the main folder or drive will be inherited to
> all
> subfolders. on the additional drives you can remove user groups in the
> Security tab and add them again before you exit... that will set default
> permission settings automatically.....
> Regards.
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> "SKS" <> escribió en el mensaje
> news:e4ZtAM0XFHA.2128@TK2MSFTNGP15.phx.gbl...
>> I shall much appreciate if somebody can let me know how to set folder
>> permissions globally for all folders and files on any selected drive. I
> have
>> 5 additional drives on one machine and during a reinstall of the OS seem
> to
>> have lost the Security settings (Groups and User permissions). Taking
>> ownership restored access. However, each folder (and sub-folders) all
>> seem
>> to have different allowed Groups and User permission setting.
>> I need to be able to set the Groups and Users settings in any selected
>> drives "Properties>Security=Groups and user names:" to all read the same.
> I
>> can do this going into each folder and sub-folder one by one too, but was
>> wondering if it could be done globally.
>> Thanks in advance for any tips.
>> SKS