Re: How to save the current state of my XP machine.

From: Juan (
Date: 05/10/05

Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 14:22:05 -0700

Doug: How about Registry backups...
would executing a full registry backup to a certain
date not restore the system to the condition it was
at that date?

just wondering....

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You may also want to see Help and Support for Automated System Restore
(ASR). However, the built-in backup utility cannot span a backup across
multiple CD's.

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"DQ" <> wrote in message
> Hi All,
> I recently bought a Dell Laptop with Windows XP Professional and software
> bundle pre-installed.  When I boot up my laptop, I can press the F12
> key and have the system (with some kind of Dell pre-installed utility)
> out every thing I had installed after purchasing the laptop and restore my
> laptop back to its original state when the machine was shipped to me.  And
> this happens without having inserting any CD or diskette.
> I really like this capability and just wonder if I can do the same thing:
> Having the machine back to a given point where I want it to be.  For
> after receiving this laptop, I make a connection to the Internet and
> Windows with the latest patch.  Now, I don't want to press F12 to have the
> system restore my machine back to its original.  Rather, I want it to
> itself back to the point where I had update its Windows XP with all of the
> latest patch, as of today.
> How can I do that?
> Thanks in advance.

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