Re: finding Registry Clean

From: Alan (
Date: 05/08/05

Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 22:25:30 -0700

Jerry wrote:
> See "PC Magazine" dated May 24, 2005 article '2005 Utility Guide'
> sub-article 'Utility Suites' on page 100 for a review of various and
> recommended registry cleaners. (None are free.)
> "squazeedle" <> wrote in message
>>Supposedly there's a Registry Clean function in Windows XP. Can anybody
>>me how to find it and use it? I'm testing Registry Mechanic, but I'd like
>>save the $20 they're asking.
>>Thanks, Squazeedle
See for Regseeker. Use it
at your own risk. Even if you don't use the cleaner, it has many
other utilities you may find useful.