Re: Renaming Printers

From: peterk (
Date: 05/06/05

Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 18:51:45 -0600

When I go to control panel/printers etc and right click a printer one of
the options is rename.........
will that do the trick??

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"JerryT" <> wrote in message
> AWe have someone in our office that travels between several offices and 
> uses
> networked printers at each one.  He would like to rename the printers in 
> his
> "printers and faxes" applet so that when he goes to select a printer from 
> the
> drop down box within and application (i.e. Word), he can tell at a glance
> which printer for the particular office he is in, he needs to select.
> Is there a way to rename the printers with in the applet to relect how he
> need to use them?
> He is using windows XP pro edition with sp2
> Any information would be greatly appreciated 

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