Re: CD Key Problems

From: Star Fleet Admiral Q (Star_Fleet_Admiral_Q(NO-SPAM)_at_(SPAM-NOT)
Date: 05/02/05

Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 18:19:00 -0400

I think it stinks, but unfortunately for you and others, an OEM version of
XP is permanently tied to the first machine (motherboard) originally
installed - when the machine (motherboard) dies, XP dies, unless you can get
an exact/compatible replacement motherboard from the manufacturer or the
manufacturer will supply a new CD BIOS locked to you new motherboard, you
only have one option - but an XP full version and do a repair install. Yes,
an upgrade will get you by this time, but what about next time, when you
format and want to do a clean install? You'll need some type of qualifying
media for the upgrade version to work - an old Win9x will do if you have
one, but otherwise, it'll be a hassle.

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"jamiecccp" <> wrote in message
>i currently need to activate my windows xp home edition i have until the 
> of the month
> the problem is i have an Windows XP Home Edition emachines key and when i
> bought my new mobo and cpu two days ago, when i ran windows xp it wouldnt
> work properly
> because emachines makes there products impossible to change i had to
> reformat my hdd
> so right now i have a windows xp key thats valid and i paid for but the
> non-emachine versions of windows doesnt support it so what i need is to
> activate windows and change the cd key i installed it with to my emachines 
> cd
> key - which is probably impossible
> or get a cd key from microsoft or emachines in exchange for the key i have
> any ideas
> the key i used in installation was my cousins - i understand i cant 
> activate
> that key and i really dont want to reinstall windows in 30 days any
> suggestions?