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From: Malke (
Date: 04/14/05

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 06:31:04 -0700

MrsFaze wrote:

> Malke,
> Thanks, actually I am the IT department, but I am better with
> non-windows, the actual hardware and networks. Having to get a better
> grasp on Windows, but I am behind. Have a little department war going
> on, they have already crashed a hard drive and a lot of other petty
> stuff. At the time this happened I did not have auditing turned on, I
> do now. I just don't want the primary user to get in trouble for this
> as I do not think she is capable of doing this. I am pretty sure I
> know who, but need to prove it. By the way, what did you mean by
> That is something I have not run accross in all my studying. Any
> other tips would be appreciated as well.

I would suggest you call in an outside professional to help you get set
up. It is not possible for users to "crash a hard drive" by simply
using the operating system. Of course they can hose the operating
system, but physically damaging a hard drive from within Windows is not

"IIRC" is short for "If I Recall Correctly".


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