Re: Unwise as ever.

From: Peter ("Peter")
Date: 04/09/05

Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 04:41:02 -0400

Here's some tips I publish in my own Forum:

The three things that anyone must have installed in their PC are Spyware
scanners, Virus scanners and a reliable Firewall. There is a fourth one,
but not quite so important - a good spam filtering tool. You cannot hope to
have a reliable, functional computer without these. Whilst there are
excellent ones that you can buy, there are also free ones out there. If you
think that you don't need such things then you either need your head
examining, or as "7 of 9" would say, "You will be assimilated", but not by
the Borg, something much worse. Are you aware that an infection can enter
your machine in just a few seconds if you don't have a firewall, without you
even going on to the internet if you are using an "always on" connection?

Spyware Cleaners

Adaware SE
>From the same site (right hand side) I recommend you also download the
following plug-ins:
VX2 Cleaner (for VX2 Variants)
Messenger Control
OE-W Messengerctrl
(The latter control Windows Messenger)

Spybot Search and Destroy




Stinger Removal Tool

Trojan Remover
This is an excellent product and is available for a 30-day fully functional
free trial.



PC World's Choices,collid,1259,pg,1,00.asp



PC World's Choices,cat,1446,sortIdx,1,pg,1,00.asp

Now that you've cleaned all the crud out of your machine. Clear out your
TIF (Temporary Internet Files) and do a defrag. periodically, and it would
be good idea to go to Windows Update and download all those updates that
you've been ignoring forever. They are, after all, there to improve your
computing experience and to make things safer all around.

Note to XP Users: After April 12, if you haven't already got it, SP2 will
no longer be a "download later on" option, WU will keep offering it, whether
you like it or not, you really should have it!!. XP "Gold" will no longer
be supported by MSFT. If you don't even have SP1, SP2 includes all updates
from day 1. There have been several updates since SP2, so once you have it
installed set Windows Update to automatic.

Lastly, a word of advice. Do NOT post email addresses in newsgroups. You
are asking for spam by doing so! There are nasty things called spambots out
there that harvest anything with an "@" in it. If you must post an email
address disguise it (the technical word is "munge") by showing it as (for
example) soandso AT blahblah DOT com.

Toronto, Canada
XP Home SP2
P4 dual HT @ 3.0ghz, 1.0gb RAM, 160gb HD
"" <> wrote in 
message news:OtkIuUNPFHA.3928@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl...
>I asked a simple question for a recommendation of software to increase the 
>security of my PC (for those interested vide Total Security? posing on 
>08/04/05 -08.15hrs) and the response although very generous, left me as 
>unwise as I was before I made the posting.
> Is there an organisation/body which could make a recommendation having had 
> an opportunity to assess the quality of all the available protection 
> software? I for one would like an independent view on this subject. Thank 
> you.