Windows XP home edition problems with unknown softwares

From: YY (
Date: 04/07/05

Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 08:57:08 -0700


Currently, I found some strange files in my windows folder of my computer,
they are:

1. C:\windows/Prefetch/
2. C:\windows/system32/wbem/Repository/FS/index.btr.
3. C:\windows/system32/wbem/Repository/FS/
4. C:\windows/system32/wbem/Repository/FS/
5. C:\windows/system32/wbem/Repository/FS/

I checked with latest Norton Antivirus software with my computer, but found
nothing. However, when I doing some live update, Norton Personal fire wall
told me that the fourth path obtructing the process for some unknown reason.
So, I triied to delete the 2nd to 5th one by normal, safe and MSDOS modes,
but I couldn't succeed. I also checked these 4 files with Microsoft web site
for file formats and couldn't found anything even with suggested web sites.
So I think these are not the software from Microsoft and its
suppliers/alliances. For the 1st one, I found it strange and it is connected
when I am on the web but without any company name of this file in XP. So I
don't know is it a virus file. If someone who knows about these files and
its functions, please let me know.

I think these files cause my computer work improperly, sometimes, it
couldn't open the web sites that I can get into it in other computers;
sometimes, I couldn't send E-mails as I do on other computers and other
strange things happens, like files move itself, computer function improperly
and so on, there are a lot of problems.