RE: security settings prevent pics loading

From: jenniferesme (
Date: 03/24/05

Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 06:07:04 -0800

Yes, I can get properties and the address for the properties of the pic is:
file:///C:/Course%20Technology/10114-8/tutorial.01/tutorial/dube.jpg, which
means nothing to me. I think the path must be wrong. I expect I'll be
learning about that shortly! I guess this post is now in the wrong place,
because it doesn't seem like a security issue. I don't know where else I
would post it, though.
Thanks for your help.

"TimH" wrote:

> Hi,
> What probably happened is that when you inserted the picture your HTML page
> referenced it as being in C:\Windows (or something like that). When you view
> the webpage on another computer it looks in C:\Windows for the image and
> can't find it.
> Try using the View - Source menu option in IE. Does that help ?
> Can you right-click the red cross and get properties ?
> Regards,
> TimH
> "jenniferesme" wrote:
> > I am taking a class in web page design, and we are learning html. I inserted
> > a picture, but on the web browser it shows up as a red x in a box. My
> > security settings are at medium for internet and low for inTRAnet. I don't
> > know how to view this picture. I tried to save the file (in notepad) as an
> > .hta, but that did not work. Any ideas? Thanks.