Re: Elitum DyFuca n-Case

From: David H. Lipman (DLipman~nospam~_at_Verizon.Net)
Date: 03/16/05

Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:14:27 -0500

From: "A" <>

| I uninstalled SP2 and the machine is running back to speed..I did the
| downloads as previous post,,, trend and stinger...the malwares elitum DyFuCa
| and n-Case are still there (as reported by spybot s&d) adaware reports 30+
| problems...pop ups are still there too, at least with sp2 removed I can use
| the pc and connect to the net with firefox... . I will check out the pop ups
| and let you know who they are (payforpoups and adsforyou or something along
| those lines), I have allready tried their website addresses as part of this
| clean up but suprise surprise they don't exist anymore. As the machine is
| running and able to connect I will be able to run a hijackthis prog, never
| done it before so it will be interesting....I don't want to reformat as that
| is 'giving up' ,
| I don't want to take the machine to a profesional ...could you explain what
| you wanted him to do?
| | "Malke" <> wrote in message

Nowhere do I see you downloaded, installed and updated Ad-aware SE v1.05.

1) Download the following item...

         Adaware SE

2) Disable System Restore
3) Reboot your PC into Safe Mode
4) Using Adaware SE, perform a Full Scan of your platform and clean/delete
        any parasites found.
5) Restart your PC and perform a "final" Full Scan of your platform using Adaware
6) Re-enable System Restore and re-apply any System Restore preferences,
        (e.g. HD space to use suggested 400 ~ 600MB),
7) Reboot your PC.
8) Create a new Restore point

* * * Please report back your results ! * * *