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Date: 11/11/04

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 07:07:57 -0800

Jerry wrote:

> Every computer that has XP installed has an administrator account that
> is always there. It cannot be removed or deleted. Read the manual and
> you'll soon learn how to access it.
> <> wrote in
> message
>> please help me i was seting up my sons account and gave him limted
>> control
>> and hes was the only account i made now we cant open any thing. when
>> i try
>> to open any thing it says you dont have adminsitrative control. than
>> it said
>> i need to log on as administrative but we dont have a administrative
>> account
>> what can i do? email me at please HELP ME!!
>> --
>> hello i need a lot of help i am was setting up administrative control
>> and made one that did'nt have any control frist and now i cant open
>> any thing please help me Emial at please

It is a bit hard to follow exactly what has happened, but if you have XP
Home, start the computer and go into Safe Mode. Get into Safe Mode by
repeatedly tapping the F8 key as the machine is starting up. In Safe
Mode, log in with the normally hidden Administrator account. Unless you
changed it, the default password is a blank. Once in, you can go to the
User Accounts applet in Control Panel and make new accounts. Make one
for yourself - do *not* call it Administrator but rather call it
something like "Jerry" - giving that new account administrative


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