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From: smacky (
Date: 10/24/04

Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 11:19:29 +0100

Airforce1 Wrote:
> im gettin this spyware thing called enhancemysearch and i cant
> uninstall
> comes up when i search on something in google or something
> like
> that. it is ****in me off
> please help me

You appear to have a homepage hijacker on your system.

To resolve this problem follow these instructions:

Firstly Download Adaware:
Download, Install and Run Adaware (basically a next, next, finish
When you get to the results screen, "Right Click" on one of the tick
boxes and click on "Select ALL" then click next, and next again.
Close the program

Download Adaware Here:

Download Hijackthis and paste the log back in here:

Click "Scan"
Click "Save Log"
Copy the contents from the Notepad document here so we can see the
causes of the hijackers and spyware.

Download Hijackthis Here:

Good Luck
Microsoft Personal Support
interVations Internet Director

Please note the below discalimer is not due to incorrect information
having been given, nor because I expect to give any, however I do need
to cover myself in the even that someone does not follow instructions

The information provided here is NOT provided on behalf of Microsoft or
interVations. The information supplied is from my own knowledge and it
is recommended that you research all avenues before taking/using any
advice displensed to you. You are responsible for actions taken on your
own PC and I cannot and do not accept any responsibility for your
actions as a direct or indirect result of my advice