Re: Windows Firewall Blocks my ability to connect to an FTP site
Date: 10/09/04

Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 10:49:17 -0700

I'm using SP2

I'm still getting the same thing. I've directly excepted
port 21 and did the steps the the KB Article. After I
unchecked the use Passive mode.

Same results.

IE dumps out with a no access message. The same address
with the firewall off works fine.

The Command-line FTP reports Unknown Error Number.

>-----Original Message-----
>Assuming you installed SP2...
>Perhaps the troubleshooting information in this article
may help:
>You may not be able to open a project when you try to
connect to a remote Windows XP
>Service Pack 2-based computer by using the AutoCAD FTP
>Here's how to correct the problem after opening Port 21
via the
>SP2 firewall Exceptions tab:
>1. Open Internet Explorer >Tools > Internet Options >
Advanced tab
>2. Uncheck the box: "Use passive FTP (for firewall &
DSL modem capability)
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>"Joe Simpson" wrote:
>| I am unable to connect to an ftp site (Port or
>| If I turn off the Firewall I have no problem
>| I am unable to leave the Firewall on and Access driver
>| updates and anything FTP Based.