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From: Shenan Stanley (
Date: 09/28/04

Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 20:23:29 -0500

Michael wrote:
> Well, whoda thunk it? I know nothing like me has
> encountered a problem that apparently no one out there in
> microsoft land can answer.
> For the 3rd time on this site (and after 2
> hours "playing" with the nice lady on the other end of
> the microsoft support line) I will state my problem again.
> After installing SP2, my computer is unable to accept
> on top of that, when I go into Control Panel - there is
> no icon for Cookies.
> Is anyone up to the challenge

I know what you said, but I think we will go through this from the

First - Do this:

Close all Internet Explorer Windows.

1 - Click Start button
2 - On the Start menu click Control Panel
3 - In the Control Panel Window click the Internet Options icon
4 - When the internet properties window opens click the Privacy tab.
5 - You will see a slider in this window
6 - Pull the slider right down to the very bottom
7 - You should now see the legend 'Accept All Cookies'
8 - Click Apply
9 - Click on the Advanced button
10 - Check the "Override automatic cookie handling" checkbox
11 - Select "accept" in both columns
12 - Select "Always allow session cookies"
13 - Now click OK
14 - Click OK again

Now - download, install, run, update and scan with the following

 Spybot Search and Destroy (Free!)
 (Immunize with this one as well.)

 Lavasoft AdAware (Free and up)

 CWShredder (Free!)
 ** No longer updated as of July 29, 2004 - however, still a great
    product and should still be ran **

 Hijack This! (Free)
 ( Tutorial: )

Once you have downloaded, installed, ran, updated and scanned with (and
where appropriate, immunized with) each of these applications, then download
and use the following two other applications/registry merges:

 SpywareBlaster (Free!)

 IE-SPYAD (Free!)

Now that we are sure your system is free of Spy/Ad/Malware - now we can try
a few other things.

1 - Make sure your time and Date settings are correct.
2 - Delete all your cookies
  (In IE - Tools --> Internet Options --> General tab --> Delete Cookies,
Delete all temporary internet files (include all offline content) and change
your Settings to 10MB for Temporary Internet Files and then close all IE
3 - Turn off (temporarily) any Popup Stoppers/Firewalls (including SP2s new
4 - Use the following application to insure you have erased all traces of
old files:
 12Ghosts Wash
5 - Do the following registry edit (for ONE Reboot)
 Clear the Page File at System Shutdown
 And when it you reboot, undo it (it can slow your reboots down enormously.)

Now - after all that - try to go to a site you couldn't access due to cookie

You can uninstall whatever applications you want, but I recommend keeping
SpyBot and SpywareBlaster at the very least and keeping them updated.

If all that fails, you may want to consider the following options:

1 - Create a new user on your PC, logon as that use and try the same thing
2 - Install Mozilla Firefox and see if that works where IE is not.
3 - Perform a repair on Internet Explorer.
     ( )

Come back and let us know if any of that helped!

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