RE: suspect blaster worm in laptop

From: biz4two (
Date: 09/17/04

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 13:03:02 -0700

Very well could be a virus. I would recommend going to McAfee (see URL) and
using the FREE removal tool "Stinger". You can download and run it. This
will scan for every "known" virus based on the date/time you download.

If you haven't yet, after all the virus stuff are gone, install SP2. And
make certain to purchase a good anti-virus tool...keeping the .dat files upto

Good luck!


"Teofilomendoza" wrote:

> My daughter's laptop running on windows xp professional
> suddenly cannot be started or booted up. There's a message
> that says there's a problem and there is a countdown timer
> showing how many seconds remaining before the computer
> starts again. I cannot even start it in safe mode.
> The laptop does not have floppy disk drive. I'm thinking
> of getting the latest version of norton antivirus cd and
> booting up the laptop with the antivirus cd in the cd
> drive. Is norton antivirus able to detect and remove
> blaster worm?
> Thanks for any advise you can give on how to remove the
> worm/virus without having to re-format the hard disk.
> Best regards,
> Teofilo