Re: GDI+ Security

From: Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\) (
Date: 09/17/04

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 19:13:44 +0200

HRon wrote:

> After running Microsoft's GDI+ update, I did a search for
> the gdiplus.dll file. I found three different version
> installed - 5.1.3097, 5.1.3101 and 5.1.3102. Should all
> be replaced with the most recent; or, are all safe with
> SP2?

That depends on where they are located, and what programs that uses

You need not to worry about old versions of gdiplus.dll located in
%windir%\WinSxS\... as long as you find a v5.1.3102.1360 in there as
well (that you have updated with the hotfix for WinXP in the MS04-028
bulletin or from Windows Update)

Buffer Overrun in JPEG Processing (GDI+) Could Allow Code Execution

Files in %windir%\WinSxS\... is system protected files that you will
not be able to replace, and it is not necessary either, the system
will force applications that uses gdiplus.dll from %windir%\WinSxS\...
to use the latest version anyway.

As long as you are finished installing *all* relevant updates from
the MS04-028 bulletin, if you still find 5.1.x.x gdiplus.dll files on
the hard disk with a lesser version number than 5.1.3102.1355 (yes,
5.1.3102.1355 and not 5.1.3102.1360) outside %windir%\WinSxS\...,
you should replace them with the gdiplus.dll v5.1.3102.1360 file
that is available here:

Platform SDK Redistributable: GDI+
(this download link is also found in the MS04-028 bulletin)

I suggest you create a backup somewhere of all the old 5.1.x.x
versions that you find outside %windir%\WinSxS\... before replacing
them, just in case the application using the dll doesn't like
the replacement (unlikely though).

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