Re: Looking for Firewall...

From: Kerem Gümrükcü (
Date: 09/03/04

Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 22:11:16 +0200

Hi Rob Moir,

thank you very much for your answer. let me "enlight" this a bit. first we
had some linux solutions
build on nat and ip-tables that was not handy to maintain due the fact, that
we were completly
depended on the so called linux expert at our company. but this guy quit his
work. and they elected
me to continue his work. but i havent got a "CLUE" about linux and linux
security. so i need something
to bridge the time i need to learn linux and security related knowledge. why
me, because i programm
in c/c++ and i showed them once that porting code written in ansi c can be
ported between ms win
and linux with a minimum of effort. my mistake....

ok, the firewalls are running, but my boss wont rehire a linux guy. u can
think about my situation.
you can think my weekend is totally ****** up.

reading books from and still reading and reading and reading...
running a "boxed" linux environment for
practise purposes...

Thank you very much for the open source solution, you cant know how this
helps me...
1000 x THX

Best Regards

Kerem Gümrükcü

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