Re: HOW TO: Share Access to an Encrypted File in Windows XP

From: Darren Hook [MSFT] (
Date: 04/06/04

Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 07:15:36 -0500

Files are encrypted through the use of algorithms which essentially
re-arrange, scramble and encode the data. A key pair is randomly generated
when you encrypt your first file. This key pair is comprised of a private
and a public key. The key pair is used to encode and decode the encrypted
files. If the key pair is lost or damaged and you have not designated a
recovery agent then there is no way to recover the data. There is no
workaround to this.

223316.KB.EN-US Best Practices for the Encrypting File System;en-us;223316

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"pammi" <> wrote in message
> My Win-Xp hard-disk crashed, and now I can't boot from
> this hard-disk. But the disk is readable when I add it in
> as a secondary disk on another PC.
> My problem now is that I am being denied access to some
> encrypted folders in the original disk. I tried adding
> user, tried giving permission from the
> properties->security option, but noting works.
> Is there a way to recover these files?