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Date: 03/30/04

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 19:57:42 GMT

Hi Tom,

Here are some additional steps to run through:

Reset Internet Explorer settings:

1. Start -> Control Panel -> Folder Options

2. Switch to the View tab.

3. Select Show hidden files and folders.

4. Unselect Hide extensions for known file types.

5. Unselect Hide protected operating system files.

6. Click OK to confirm.

7. Start -> Control Panel -> Internet Options.

8. Click "Delete Cookies" and select Yes when to confirm.

9. Click "Delete Files" and select Yes when to confirm.

10. Click "Clear History" and select Yes when to confirm.

11. Click "Settings", then click "View Files". Delete all files in this

12. In the Settings window, click "View Objects". Delete all the objects in
this folder. If some objects cannot be deleted, please restart the computer
try again.

13. Switch to the Security tab, select Internet and click "Default Level".

14. Clear the Trusted sites and Restricted sites.

15. Switch to the Privacy tab, click "Default".

16. Click the Edit button and clear the Managed Web sites list.

17. Switch to the Content tab, click AutoComplete. Clear Forms and

18. Switch to the Advanced tab, Click "Restore Defaults" button and then
deselect "Enable third-party browser extensions"

19. Click OK.

20. Restart the computer and test the problem.


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| From: "Tom" <>
| Subject: RE: .net passport
| Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 21:50:35 -0800
| Hello Paul,
| I did check the date and time, they are correct. Also my
| OS is XP home edition and the article pertains to MAC
| users. I reduced my security to next to nothing,
| accepting all cookies, even the security report when I
| get this message says no cookies were blocked or
| restricted. Can you think of anything else? I appreciate
| any help. Thanks