Re: Shutdown privilege

From: Ken (
Date: 03/19/04

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 13:10:10 -0800

NTRIGHTS.EXE came with the NT Resource kit. With it, you
can set a number of local security policy settings. AD
made a lot of that redundant.

SeShutdownPrivilege is one that removes or grants the
option to shut the system down to local users and/or
groups. Removing it means a user can only log out, but
the machine can still be shut down from the login screen.

By controlling this from AD, I can remove or grant the
privilege just by moving machines between OU's.

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>What exactly does NTRIGHTS.EXE do?
>"Ken" <> wrote in message
>> Is there a policy setting in WinXP that will perform
>> same functions as the NTRIGHTS.EXE SeShutdownPrivilege
>> function?

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