ASR Wizard

From: victor (
Date: 03/09/04

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 14:48:49 -0800

I need help understanding and using the Automated System
Recovery. The documentation stated that when using the
ASR backup wizard, data files are not backed up. When I
used it, all of the data files in the current partition
where windows is installed, my entire C drive were backed

1. Will theses data files be restored in a systems
failure restoration using the ASR?
2.Can I use the data backed up with the ASR wizard to do
a standard recovery in the case that a portion of the C
drive or individual files are corrupted, but the windows
system has integrity.
3. Finally, how is the archive flag treated in an ASR
backup? Can I follow up with standard differential
backups on the data files that were backed up with the
ASR wizard?

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