Re: Hidden subfolders of Temporary Internet Files

From: Colin Nash [MVP] (
Date: 02/18/04

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 22:16:20 -0500

If you into Internet Explorer --> Tools menu --> Options --> and click the
Delete Files button on the General tab, and check the box for Delete Offline
Content then it should wipe that out.

You can click the Delete Cookies button to wipe out the remaining "cookie"
files if you want (you may want to keep them as they store your preferences
for web sites and things like that. Some paranoid people consider cookies
to be a privacy concern. Up to you.

If you are ultra-paranoid and really want to wipe these files out, there are
some third-party tools. I won't go into it unless you ask :)

Colin Nash
Microsoft MVP
Windows Printing/Imaging/Hardware
"Constantine Sempurna" <> wrote in
message news:17e601c3f5cc$397a3670$3501280a@phx.gbl...
> Hi
> When I check the properties of my 'temporary internet
> files' folder, it shows some 30 folders and +30,000
> files. How can I view these files and folders?
> The usual method of showing hidden files does not work.
> What brought it my my attention was my av finding a
> trojan in one of these folders but didn't remove it, so I
> though I would delete the file manually, but couldn't
> access it.
> Regards
> Constantine