Re: Choose from multiple domains in logon box?
Date: 02/12/04

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 22:37:11 -0800

Thanks Shenan. One of the domains is a Small Business
Server 2000 domain, and I don't think the trust
relationships are supported in that platform. Does any
one know for certain if this is the case?

-Lonn Myronuk

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>anonymous wrote:
>> I have a laptop that I take between two different
>> domains. How can I get the XP logon box to give me a
>> choice of more than one domain (beyond the local system
>> domain)? When I try to add the second domain, it
>> the information of the current domain configured.
>> ___________
>> Name:|___________|
>> ___________
>> Password:|___________|
>> _____________
>> Domain:|___________|V|_______
>> |domain_one |
>> |domain_two |
>> |laptop (this computer)|
>> ----------------------
>You cannot.
>Unless the domains have a trust relationship between
them, you will see one
>domain, or the other one - depending on who you
are "joined" at the time.
><- Shenan ->

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