files missing after temp profile disappeared

From: Molly (
Date: 01/29/04

Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 03:07:45 -0800

A few weeks ago, my HP Pavillion rebooted itself
spontaneously and logged me on with a temporary profile,
deleting all my settings but no actual files. I moved
the "old" My Pictures into the "new" My Documents folder
and my bookmarks as well. Then, a few days ago after I
tried running the restore to an earlier point thing (which
didn't work), it logged me on with yet another temp
profile and the My Pictures and My Music folders were
nowhere that I can find (search function doesn't find
them). I ran Windows Update, which eventually got the
computer back to how it had been before the spontaneous
reboot, but the pictures and music folders are still
nowhere to be found. I think it's all still on here
somewhere, or else the available memory would have
increased dramatically - but I can't find them. Does
anyone know where I should look? Thank you -