Re: Firewall now has numerous ports???
Date: 12/03/03

Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 17:17:54 -0800

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>Where are you getting information about XP ICF showing
nine ports? You
>certainly could have suffered some sort of attack
connected to the internet
>for four hours unprotected. If you have other computers,
it is a good idea
>to use a device at the perimiter also. You can buy a
cable/dsl router for as
>little as $19 after rebates at Best buy. If the other
computers are like
>configured, you could use netstat -ano to compare
network processes
>connected/listening. I also like Tcpview which is free
from Sysinternals
>which is compact and can show you detailed information
on network processes,
>mapping to the executable path and allow you to kill any
process you see.
>Task Manager may be also helpful in determining a
process hogging the CPU
>and of course you should scan for
viruses/worms/trojans/parasites anytime
>you experience poor performance. --- Steve
>"Rob Milligan" <>
wrote in message
>> My ICF on XP show about nine ports. My current problem
>> is huge network bottleneck coming from somewhere. Did
>> something infiltrate my (er, static) IP address during
>> the four hours I turned off the ICF for testing?
>> Presently, all email and internet has slowed to a crawl
>> on only this PC, all others are fine.
Thank for these tips. By viewing the ICF settings, you
can control what ports are monitored by ICF. There I
discovered all these additional ports, named msmsg.<port
number>. Using System Restore I rolled back to a week
ago and those ports are gone, but there is still a huge
bottleneck. Just now, whilst trying to figure out why
Outlook times out every other message, etc., I discovered
when viewing the "View Network Connections" that in
addition to my "Local Area Connection", "Internet
Gateway" was above this, actively funneling tons of
packets. My next move is to download your recommended TCP
checker. Also, I did just hook up the D-Link DI-604
Router/Firewall to give it a test, but what I describe
above is occuring after this firewall was placed in
front, so something else still happening. Lastly, I ran
a Norton AV 2004 total drives inspection and it came up
empty. Any other thoughts? Can I return a favor? Rob