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From: Kaz (
Date: 11/12/03

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:35:18 -0800

Thankyou for your response I checked back online this
morning to see if anyone had info about this as it has
been niggling me for some time.
The antivirus program I use PC Cillin 2002 which I renewed
a couple of months ago. It updates as often as two to
three times a week, much like windows XP, I do sus the
windows updates as I believe that not every single upgrade
is really nessesary unless your system is running every
imaginable programe and service. I also use a program for
checking mail before it is downloaded completely that is
called "Mail Washer Pro" as well as the free Ad-aware now
and then to check for any little un wanted squaters that
have moved in with out permission. So I think I am doing
things the right way and I do keep things such as security
and updates at the top of my priority list as this is used
for business regularly. I did also notice when opening
task manager last night that the networking tab when
opened in the past and usually showed two graphed screens
was very different. Normally it showed two graphs and had
lines showing in one and the other was always just blank
or one flat line running accros the bottom of the graph.
I know I have a networking card on the system but to date
I have not used it or connected to any other system. Last
night when looking through the task manager, and selecting
the networking tab, it showed me a blank window, I mean
all I saw was the background colour I have chosen in my
desktop settings. I exited the task manager as I thought
I was going nuts, and opened it again but it was exactly
the same. That has never occured before and on checking
this again this morning, the graphs that have always been
there are once again there as normal.
I wonder at times if there is the remote possibility that
another person could have loaded software onto this, I do
have a boyfriend and I have seen some spam or what he
claims is unwanted junk email download on his laptop when
he has checked his email. Mainly advertising sugesting he
should be aware of these things himself and some
suggesting at times that he may like to consider
purchasing their software. However that could well be junk
mail but due to the weird nature of my own system right
now and the small amount of advertising I have seen
regarding this, I am now wondering if he hasnt loaded
something to that effect onto this.
I will add, that should that turn out to be the scenario
that I would be inclined to leave it right where it is as
first of all I have absolutely nothing to hide, and I
figure if this is the case that what I am suggesting here
will throw a spanner in the works should he see it anyway.
How would I be able to sus my system for anything like
this, and are programs that people purchase to spy on
others as hard to detect as there advertising suggest? My
next quiery would be is there a trusted source, site or
group who is knowledgable about this who I could allow
access to that could check out the system or detect any
such program, I only know enough about computers to use
them in an honest way for business, reseaching, and the
odd MSN messenger chat with a girl friend. That is about
as far as I have progressed on a knowledge basis where
internet or email is concerned. Looking into protocols,
codes, and any unusual configuration that varys from the
everyday user is just slighty beyond my own knowledge.
Should you have any suggestions about these things I would
greatly appreciate your help or advice, as I really would
like to get to the bottom of my odd listings in the
advanced firewall settings and the funny things that I do
see and experience, but more than anything at all I am a
little concerned about security and my files and would
like to be able to put my mind at ease once and for all.

>-----Original Message-----
>You need to update your Antivirus software and scan your
system, preferably
>from Safe Mode. You may also be interested in a small
utility I've written,
>See, Win XP Utilities, Startup Programs
Tracker. This
>small utility scans your system for startup programs and
running processes
>and services. It also allows you to create a log file
that can be copied
>and pasted into a newsgroup post. The contents of the
program window are
>also copied to the Windows Clipboard, automatically. The
>provided includes what's running at startup, and where
its being loaded
>Doug Knox, MS-MVP Windows XP/ Windows Smart Display
>Win 95/98/Me/XP Tweaks and Fixes
>Associate Expert
>ExpertZone -
>Please reply only to the newsgroup so all may benefit.
>Unsolicited e-mail is not answered.
>"kaz" <> wrote in
>> I use the firewall that came with my xp windows and for
>> around the last two months I have noticed a strange or
>> unusual Service appearing in the Firewalls advnaced
>> settings Where the various POP, Imap and Http listed
>> services appear. One of these is called "Teledo" and
>> another one that I am certain was not originally there
>> previously. When I find them in this list and already
>> check or selcted I uncheck them and actually delete
>> which has no effect at all on my internet browsing or
>> email. I am concerned that these may be programs or
>> something that I did not authorise or load into my
>> once more each time I restart my system or reboot they
>> appear there again, so I now have formed this ritual on
>> each occassion before I dial into the net of going into
>> the firewall settings under advanced and deleting either
>> one or the other or both if they are there. Are these
>> normal settings or Services as I dont beleive they have
>> always been there, and is there any way to get rid of
>> these or prevent them from repeatedly checking
>> I use a stand alone system, on a dial up account and I
>> dont share files or do anything risky that I am aware of
>> while online, all the same this does concern me.
>> Kaz

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