Re: 822925 Cum IE Patch causes problem with XP built in admin account

From: HiMan (PleaseReply_at_ToForum.invalid)
Date: 08/27/03

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 12:20:45 +0200

"andy" <> wrote in message
> Thanks for the update HiMan,
> I'll have to have a look at these files on my machine to
> see if the same has occurred! I wonder what Microsoft
> would say about this? Do they know there may be a problem??

Hi Andy,

the versions the patch should give you are listed here;en-us;822925
They differ depending on your version of IE and are installed in the
%Windir%\System32 folder.

I use Internet Explorer 6 SP1 (32-Bit) for Windows XP SP1.

Compared to the number of people probably installing this patch, not many
seem to post having a problem. And it has me stumped why it only messes up
my built in admin account, whereas another admin account and a normal user
account is not affected.

I'm sure curious, if you got the "right" files!