Solution? 822925 Cum IE Patch causes problem with XP built in admin account

From: andy (
Date: 08/26/03

Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 13:13:57 -0700

Hi there,

I did post about this problem a few days ago.

I have now solved the problem on my XP Pro (SP1) system
(NTFS partition). I'm still uncertain why it worked but
this is what I did.

Downloaded the patch to my hard drive. Re-booted the PC
in Safe Mode and then simply installed the security patch
Q822925. Re-booted in normal mode loading all services
and drivers and found it had successfully installed
without giving any of the problems mentioned in several
posts on this site including my own original post!

Reason? Not quite sure why it has worked this way but it
may have been a certain running process related to
software installed on all of the machines on our
particular PC's which was interfering with the correct
installation of the patch ??

Anyway it works and has given me no strange behaviour or
errors since :-) I hope this helps.



>-----Original Message-----
>Hello group,
>Installing the 822925 (newest cumulative IE6 Patch)
causes some weird
>behavior on my XP Pro system installed on a FAT
>It causes the built in (renamed) Admin account to be
unusable. It seems to
>put all drives in restricted zone, thus each try to run
anything from a
>shortcut or a program folder causes the MSG "Windows
cannot access the
>specified device, path or file. You may not have the
appropriate permission
>to access the item."
>I can run explorer from the run command and see in the
status bar, that My
>Computer shows up as being in the My Computer zone, but
all drive letters
>(including floppy) show up as being in Restricted sites
>Running MMC and opening services gives an error MSG for
expanded view AKA
>"will not be displayed properly, because ActiveX
controls are not allowed to
>Services run, but no programs (e.g. Zonealarm's True
Vector loads, but ZA
>GUI does not run, as it would need to be started from
All Users Autostart.)
>Very much looks as if all and everything is in
Restricted zone.
>I have seen at least two others posting with this
>"andy" <> wrote in message
>"sj" <> wrote in message
> They have not gotten any replies though so far. So I
try as well ;-).
>Another existing admin account can be used just fine, as
well as a normal
>user account.
>Trying to troubleshoot this problem, I imported the
Current User IE
>zone settings from the working admin account to the not
working one before
>installing the patch. Rebooted several times between
several tries of
>installing the patch to a repeatedly restored and
changed original. No Luck.
>Event log is no help (can't see any possibly related
errors, as far as I can
>Tried install with a re-downloaded patch --> makes no
>Tried online install from Windows Update --> makes no
>If the weird behavior was occurring in another admin
account, I would just
>create a new one (a new one created with the patch
already installed works
>just fine). But as it's causing the built in admin
account to work no more
>Further testing showed, that my problem seems to be
caused by the new
>URLMON.DLL. If I replace just this dll with the old
one, the built in admin
>account is working again.
>So at the moment it looks, as if I can choose between a
functional built in
>admin account or using the updated urlmon.dll.
>I would appreciate any pointers, that could help me
troubleshoot. Thanks!
>Best Regards

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