Re: Blaster and Nachi

From: esojmc (
Date: 08/26/03

Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 13:12:45 -0700


Does the fix for Blaster also patch the Nachi worm? If
so, I've already applied the patch for Blaster.

Thanks for the link.

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>Much like you ran fixblast.exe, you can also run fixWelch
>make sure you have the patches from MS aswell.
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>> My wife uses MSN Messenger to talk to her parents in
>> India. Recently they're computer was infected by the
>> Blaster worm. I logged into they're computer remotly
>> cleaned (Symantec - FixBlast) and applied the patch.
>> Everything seems to be OK, the computer doesn't reboot
>> anymore.
>> Now the problem is that after about five minutes of
>> talking over Messenger the sound gets very choppy. It's
>> as if they have a lot of bandwidth activity going on
>> they're end, and they're only on a 33.6 modem
>> My question is, is this a symptom of some other worm?
>> Could it be that they're computer is also infected by
>> Nachi worm? What are the symptoms of Nachi? Does it
>> up lots of bandwidth? It's hard to debug a computer
>> 10,000 miles away and the people on the other end know
>> nothing about computers.
>> Thanks.