Re: 822925 Cum IE Patch causes problem with XP built in admin account

From: PA Bear (
Date: 08/26/03

Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 22:50:17 -0400

Please include all of the previous message in your replies. You may
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Only other thing I can think of: Are you logged in as Administator when
installing the update(s)?

Do all of the installs leave you with Urlmon.dll version 6.00.2800.1226
(assuming 32-bit WinXP)? Anything telling in Windows Update.log?

~PA Bear
CC: Kelly
HiMan wrote:
>> "PA Bear" wrote...
>>> Are your virus definitions up-to-date?  Have you run a full system
>>> scan after downloading new definitions?  I suggest ruling this
>>> possibility out.
>> Yep and yep. Done that.
>>> Have you installed all of the latest criticals via Windows Update?
>>> Do you disable your anti-virus application prior to installing
>>> updates and patches?
>> As I mentioned, I first installed the downloaded patch while offline
>> (the way I usually do updates). During troubleshooting I
>> re-downloaded it, in case there could have been some file
>> corruption. When this made no difference, I installed it directly
>> from Windows Update while online. I did always disable my AV for the
>> install.
>>> Did you try uninstalling Q822925 (Add/Remove Programs>Internet
>>> Explorer Q822925) and installing it anew (per the above) via
>>> Windows Update?
>> Yes, this was one of my tests. I also tried installing via Windows
>> Update to a restored backup (no possible previous traces of this
>> update). I must have tried at least 15 install variations by now :-(
>> . E.g. also from built in admin account, from other admin account.
>>> A much better forum for this query would be
>>>  news://
>> ...Any advice, how to post to yet a third group without "cluttering"
>> the place with identical threads?
>> <snip>
>> As I mentioned, I can sort of "pinpoint" urlmon.dll as the file,
>> that causes this problem on my machine. What has me stumped, is that
>> only the built in admin account gets messed up.
>> HiMan wrote:
>>>> Installing the 822925 (newest cumulative IE6 Patch) causes some
>>>> weird behavior on my XP Pro system installed on a FAT partition.
>>>> It causes the built in (renamed) Admin account to be unusable. It
>>>> seems to put all drives in restricted zone, thus each try to run
>>>> anything from a shortcut or a program folder causes the MSG
>>>> "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may
>>>> not have
>>>> the appropriate permission to access the item."
>>>> I can run explorer from the run command and see in the status bar,
>>>> that My Computer shows up as being in the My Computer zone, but all
>>>> drive letters (including floppy) show up as being in Restricted
>>>> sites zone.
>>>> Running MMC and opening services gives an error MSG for expanded
>>>> view AKA "will not be displayed properly, because ActiveX controls
>>>> are not allowed to run."
>>>> Services run, but no programs (e.g. Zonealarm's True Vector loads,
>>>> but ZA GUI does not run, as it would need to be started from All
>>>> Users Autostart.) Very much looks as if all and everything is in
>>>> Restricted zone.
>>>> I have seen at least two others posting with this problem....
>>>> Another existing admin account can be used just fine, as well as a
>>>> normal user account.
>>>> Trying to troubleshoot this problem, I imported the Current User IE
>>>> zone settings from the working admin account to the not working one
>>>> before installing the patch. Rebooted several times between several
>>>> tries of installing the patch to a repeatedly restored and changed
>>>> original. No Luck.
>>>> Event log is no help (can't see any possibly related errors, as far
>>>> as I can tell).
>>>> Tried install with a re-downloaded patch --> makes no difference.
>>>> Tried online install from Windows Update --> makes no difference.
>>>> If the weird behavior was occurring in another admin account, I
>>>> would just create a new one (a new one created with the patch
>>>> already installed works just fine). But as it's causing the built
>>>> in admin account to work no more ..?
>>>> Further testing showed, that my problem seems to be caused by the
>>>> new URLMON.DLL. If  I replace just this dll with the old one, the
>>>> built in admin account is working again.....