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Date: 08/13/03

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 18:14:23 -0500

June --

The first thing you should do is enable Windows XP's built-in Firewall:

1. In Control Panel, double-click Networking and Internet Connections, and
    then click Network Connections.
2. Right-click the connection on which you would like to enable ICF, and
    then click Properties.
3. On the Advanced tab, click the box to select the option to Protect my
    computer or network.

Download the following to a new folder on your Desktop:

W32.Blaster.Worm Removal Tool

Blaster Worm: Critical Security Patch for Windows XP (32-bit)

Then read and follow the procedures outlined in the following articles:

What You Should Know About the Blaster Worm

W32.Blaster.Worm Removal Tool

MS03-026: Buffer Overrun in RPC Interface May Allow Code Execution

MS-MVP Kelly Theriot's Excellent Repair Solution:

Essential Security Tools for Home Office Users

Last, but not least, consider purchasing and installing a good
internet security package, such as:

Norton Internet Security 2003

-- Includes Norton AntiVirus 2003
-- Includes Norton Personal Firewall
-- Includes prevention of annoying web pop-ups
-- Includes Parental Controls
-- All in one, easy-to-install & manage package

"June" <> wrote in message:
| I've tried downloading the WXP patch for the worm, but to 
| no avail. My good computer has the worm, and 
| I downloaded the patch on my spare computer, and now it 
| doesn't want to work right. I have no firewall on either 
| computer, and can't obtain one from Trend Micro. Help?
| I'm SCREWED ROYALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

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