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From: Alun Jones [MS MVP] (
Date: 07/26/03

Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 18:51:05 GMT

In article <047601c35346$933f2130$a601280a@phx.gbl>, "John [MNVP]"
<> wrote:
>Yeh! And Microsoft can't control allowing pop-ups to be
>disabled with IE 6!

Okay, let's rock.

1. Chandroo's messages come from the Messenger Service. Removing IE
completely wouldn't help. These messages can be blocked either by disabling
Messenger Service (bad idea), or enabling a firewall (good idea).

>What a joke they could easily remove
>them by coming out with a new version of IE like the
>superior Mozilla, and Opera browsers have.

2. Want to see what happened last time they did anything like that?

Put simply, Microsoft added spam filters to Outlook Express, and a company
( took them to court and got an injunction to have
Microsoft remove those spam filters on the grounds that they were
"anti-competitive" (even in the face of objections that what the filter did
to BlueMountain's "e-cards", it also did to Microsoft's similar offering).

If MS put a popup blocker into IE, you'd likely get a number of court-cases
resulting in its removal before we ever got to see the technology. Granted,
I'd like to see them try it, just in case they win this time.

>But we will
>probably have to wait 2 more f...g years for that to
>happen!. Because MS "allows" companies to put pop-ups in
>the browser to annoy us IE users!. And hey what a better
>reason to upgrade to the next operating system coming out
>in 2005 to get the new IE with a built in pop-up
>remover!. Another great way to make a buck!.

3. Actually, if you want to blame anyone for the ability to add pop-ups, you
might want to blame the inventors of, oh, Javascript. Now, who would that
be? Oh, yes, Netscape.

Now, whether future versions of IE will include popup blockers or not, I
can't say (haven't researched the issue) - but I can suggest numerous
reasons why they don't, the biggest of which would be the threats of
lawsuits from advertisers and from existing popup blocker manufacturers.

Not every undesired result comes from well thought-out evil plans in
Redmond. In fact, very few do.


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